I hope to persuade you here that The Elements of Typographic Style is a flawed and misleading book — flawed in its advice on design practice and its coverage of the subject, and misleading on just what the real purpose of the book might be. At the very least, I hope to convince designers and anyone turning to the book for advice to take a much more skeptical look at its philosophy of design.

A Refutation of The Elements of Typographic Style by Sam Potts

While I’ve actually never read the holy tome that Bringhurst scribed, I’m more than familiar with its presence in the design practice. Mr. Potts blows the dust off and puts forth some considered criticism.

A beautiful little spot on illustrator Stanley Chow, focusing mainly on his originally self-initiated portrait work. I love the bit about him being made nervous holding a pen—I shifted to the computer the moment I discovered its image making capabilities and have often wondered if I made the right choice… Thanks for the confidence boost, Stan.